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Internet connection unstable while using zoom – Microsoft Community.Fix Zoom Error: Your Internet Connection is Unstable? – [Answer]

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I have zoom internet connection unstable but internet is fine – none: wired connection to the internet. I do not use wifi and do not want to. I am experiencing ” Your Internet Connection is Unstable” too constantly. I have made sure to have as little running in the background as possible. As well, I usually have from 1 to 25 additional people on at the same time as me interet some of the meetings. I need help because connecting online is critical for my business and this issue is causing a loss of revenue.

Inernet can sometimes improve connections. I was an IT specialist zoom internet connection unstable but internet is fine – none: 25 years, before retiring. I did restart the computer. No joy, though. If your computer does also have WiFi – please ensure this is disconnected and that you internet access is truly going over your wired connection. If your computer does also have WiFi – please ensure this is disconnected and that your internet access is truly going over your wired connection.

I have no wifi card cknnection the system I am speaking of. I wish. I have intternet experiencing interjet since I began using Zoom in June of When you receive the Connection Unstable message, do you have a noticeable change in performance either with audio or video in Zoom? Is your wired connection a single direct cable to your router, or do you have other devices in between?

My wife often attends my How to download zoom on my acer laptop – how to download zoom on my acer laptop: meetings in her home office, on her separate computer Windows PC. She has informed me that she rarely experiences the same zoom internet connection unstable but internet is fine – none: that I experience.

However, there ссылка на продолжение been times when she and I both experience the same problem but seldom. I almost always use screen share. I teach, so Основываясь на этих данных have to often show the group what I am speaking of, as well, I use videos often.

These are a necessary part of the meetings and cannot be left out. To the system I use, I have a direct connection to the router, except for an extender, which I added only recently when I moved my system to the other side of the office. The problems with Zoom had already been going on long before that. Every time I experience problems with Zoom, all participants, 1 or 25, will notice because I am the Host.

I have noticed problems with other individuals, at times, over the past year. When I do, either I will get the conneection, or they will tell me that they interhet the message on their end. That, of course, would be a problem on my end. When you experience the problem, does is happen with any type of predicable frequency – like every ten minutes, every hour, any pattern at all, or just random?

As a general observation – could you keep your Zoom Settings interner open during a typical Meeting, and keep it to the side on the Statistics tab. Then when a problem occurs try to take note of any anomalies – particularly anything in unatable. In most cases, a few seconds, but in less cases I get kicked out completely and then reconnected.

Which breaks or ruins the recording when I do record. Yes, I counsel people over Zoom, as well. It may happen during a casual discussion alone, connedtion no videos, music, or such. I am getting the same problem with Zoom — I have a free account, is that why?

I don’t have this problem on my employer’s Zoom account, and they have 18, employees. Just today I upgraded to Mpbs down, had a 1-on-1 Zoom meeting with a friend, and had to give up on the computer audio and switch to the phone because she said I keep freezing up and the audio would drop out. I’m on a wired-only network, and clearly I have sufficient bandwidth. Will Zoom ever fix this? I have a similar problem using Zoom on a Macbook Pro, hardwired through the device provided by my ISP, no other devices or programs running.

I always assumed it was my ISP, which has had a lot of its own problems with reliability. My plan is to to try switching ISPs as soon as I can. Anyone else try this? Also, I’m typically using a Zoom corporate account hosting one other person. I plan to host an event of about 40 people on my own Pro account. I’m wondering if having more people in the room could make the problem worse? I do not believe that it is the number of people who are on that is the real problem.

I think that нажмите чтобы прочитать больше has more to how much stuff you zoom internet connection unstable but internet is fine – none: running at the same time. Zoom is a memory hog, which I think is the real problem, but I have noticed that when I shut down any program Zoom internet connection unstable but internet is fine – none: don’t need I have less trouble with Zoom.

Though that can be a problem in itself as I often need Word running and I also run some videos during some Zoom sessions. Bummer for memory usage. I have had the same problem since starting with zoom. I get this speed test even with multiple apps zoom internet connection unstable but internet is fine – none:, and 10 tabs open in Firefox. My wife connects to our network over wifi and does not have this issue with Zoom. I am too far for wifi unless i use extender or add access points.

Продолжение здесь am fairly knowledgeable on computers and have been unable to find a satisfactory explanation or solution.

Closing down all other apps is not a good solution for me. I have taken to dialing in via cellphone for audio so that I can hear and be heard without glitches, and use my desktop just for video. This is annoying to me and other users, as i have 2 boxes on the gallery view, people can’t tell when I am unmuted on zoom internet connection unstable but internet is fine – none: cellphone because my video always shows muted and when I start speaking, people always call out “you are on mute.

I know another user in a wired home ethernet network with the same issue. Has had IT visit the home without a satisfactory solution. This appears to be a zoom-related issue, as the network icon how to out on watch series 4 goes red when using zoom as far as I can tell.

This whole /10611.txt is a joke. It has everything to do with a bug in the zoom code. They just don’t want to admit. I zoom internet connection unstable but internet is fine – none: stand liars. I’ll be shorting the stock since I know the company nine: going down the tubes. Bye Zoom. You had a good run. Frequently, unstable connection is caused by your connection to the internet. My first suggestion is to call your ISP to complain about a poor internet connection.

It took me ten tries to get my isp to fix the problem. The problem was twenty-year-old coax cable running from the street to my house. As soon as the coax was replaced, my unstable connections disappeared. It is helpful if you can specify to your ISP what you mean by poor internet connection. Three important factors are:.

Speed tests will provide nkne: and download speeds. A couple of the free speed tests that I use are:. Packet loss should be zero. Ping can be used to check for packet loss.

If you see any packet loss, let your ISP know. Nonne: start ping, click Windows prompt at bottom of your screen. Integnet for and select command prompt. At the command prompt, enter ping -t plus the website of your ISP, i. Let the program run for five minutes and then enter control c to get ping statistics. Ping statistics are displayed including the number of lost packets. In this example, lost packets were zero 0 which is what they should be.

In case of intermittent issues, you should have ping running at the same time as you are experiencing issues. There are free ping programs that will include date and time for each ping which makes it easy to see what is going on with the network at the times problems occurred.

Since your wife rarely experiences the same issues, this may indicate issues with how you connect and your pc.


Zoom internet connection unstable but internet is fine – none:. Zoom: Your internet connection is unstable [Fixed]


My name is Joseph. I’m an independent advisor. I’ll be happy to help you out today. I would suggest you refer to the below options and check if it helps to resolve the issue.

Option 1. Option 2. I hope this helps. Feel free to ask back any questions and let me know how it goes. Thank you! Standard Disclaimer: There are links to non-Microsoft websites. The pages appear to be providing accurate, safe information. Watch out for ads on the sites that may advertise products frequently classified as a PUP Potentially Unwanted Products. Thoroughly research any product advertised on the sites before you decide to download and install it.

Details required : characters remaining Cancel Submit 1 person found this reply helpful. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. Choose where you want to search below Search Search the Community. Search the community and support articles Windows Windows 10 Search Community member. I have the same question Report abuse. Details required :. For example, if your wired LAN happens to be running at Mbs for some reason, Windows will probably stick with the faster Wi-Fi connection unless you adjust some parameters.

I have hard wired the work laptop to the router and my personal one is on Wifi sitting right next to the router. I use both laptops in my parents house they have a much slower Verizon Fios service and there is no problem ever whatsoever. I have tried running packet drop tests and such but nothing seems to be wrong, speed tests are amazing packet drop tests seem perfect, honestly not sure what else to try! I’ve tried logging him in on other devices, both on wi-fi and hard-wired.

I did find out through this process that Comcast had me on a Bmps gateway combo router and modem although I was paying for the Bmps package. The only thing that does work is when the school’s tech person logs into his district-issued device remotely while he’s logged into class. Something about that connection works for him. Are these normal? Okay, I’m going to share some months long research and fiddling with regards to Zoom. I have had a lot of issues with Zoom over the past 9 months, and I believe I have solved the problem fingers crossed.

It’s been working for over a week without issues since I found the culprit. Over the past 9 months I have attempted to fix the issue. Since the starting point, I have upgraded my broadband connection to Gig service from Xfinity, tried Xfi pods, directly connected via ethernet ran new line to my office and I finally ended up with a Netgear Orbi WiFi 6 mesh setup with a router and 2 satellites.

So, what was the problem and what is the fix??? The issue is that it’s usually poorly implemented or cannot handle a lot of SIP connections. This bogs down Zoom and makes it perform poorly.

Over a week ago, I discovered this with the help of the Internet. I disabled this feature, and literally all of the Zoom issues have gone away. I suspect this is what I’m wrestling with. Is that correct? Please create a new topic of your own here on this board detailing your issue. Your Home Network. Xfinity Community Forum. I am experiencing the same thing.

Zoom is very critical for my work especially during these times. I have purchased the fastest Internet plan Xfinity offers in my building 1GB Down and 50mb Up and speedtest on my laptops and phones shows that I am actually getting those speeds and sometimes even higher. My laptop is right next to the wireless router, however just to be sure I went ahead and tested with a wired connection directly into the router and still same issue.

I even tested with another laptop, same thing. This is really bugging me and I am at a loss on what the reason could be. Anybody else have any suggestions? I do hope that Xfinity can seriously investigate this issue and bring it to closure or provide further troubleshooting guidance as I have seen other Xfinity users report the same thing here in this forum and other places. I guess i sort of went on a rant here.


Zoom internet connection unstable but internet is fine – none:

/28155.txt problem has been ongoing for years and, of course, has gotten much worse since the pandemic. Start a New Discussion.


Zoom internet connection unstable but internet is fine – none:. 6 Ways to Fix ‘Your internet connection is unstable’ zoom error


There are a few things that you can do to improve your Wi-Fi signal. Make sure that your Wi-Fi router is situated in a central location and is not blocked by furniture or other objects. Try moving your router to a different location in the house. Change the channel on your Wi-Fi router to a higher number if you are experiencing difficulties connecting to the network. There are a few ways to fix bandwidth throttling. The first is to contact your ISP and ask for an increase in your bandwidth allocation.

There are a few ways to do this, but the easiest is to use an HDMI extender. There are a few places where you should not place a router. One is near a heat source, like the exhaust pipe of a stove or an oven.

This can cause the router to overheat and eventually fail. Another place to avoid is near electrical wires or cables. Again, this can cause the router to overheat and fail.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to optimize your WiFi usage depends on your specific situation and preferences. However, some general tips that may be helpful include: Turn off unnecessary features: Disable automatic updates, disable background data collection, and turn off any unnecessary applications or services.

This will help to conserve bandwidth and reduce the number of resources used by your WiFi network. The ideal distance between your WiFi router and your devices is around feet. How do I fix an unstable Internet connection? What does unstable connection mean? How can I improve my Internet stability? How do I check my Internet stability? Why is my Wi-Fi cutting in and out? What causes poor Wi-Fi connection?

Why is my Wi-Fi so slow all of a sudden ? Where should a router be placed in a home? Why does my router lose connection randomly? For me, my sending audio worked just fine in Zoom via the web. And I stopped seeing the “internet unable” message. Of course, using the web version of Zoom limits your functionality so this is NOT a fix just a test to help isolate the problem. Thus, Zoom web version works just fine and I did not have “unstable internet” issue.

If my internet is good enough for Zoom web version than it is likely that my internet is just fine for my Zoom client. So I stopped focusing on having a bandwidth issue and worrying about using wired versus wi-fi. Next, I reinstalled Zoom on my Windows machine. My sending audio immediately stopped working. Whether I used my VPN or not, my sending audio would not work. Whether I used my VPN or not, my sending audio always worked.

This is when I started checking for all of the “audio voice optimization” options that my Router supported and started turning them off one by one. Your Router may have other options than what mine had. Thanks for your detailed thoughts on this and the many solutions you tried. I have also tried with my company VPN on and I still had the problem.

Since I can have both routers going at the same time, I think to save myself some headache I’ll just use both routers and stop trying to troubleshoot my Netgear router. It’s not a great solution, but I can at least move on with my life now! We are continuing to monitor the situation to ensure that the best possible service is provided to our customers. Click here for our top support FAQs. Router firmware correcting this issue will be available ASAP. Visit Status. Join Now Log In Help.

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My steps: 1. Uninstall Zoom client and use the Zoom web version to attend a call. Do you still have audio sending problems or does the sending audio work? Thus, not a VPN issue. Thus, Zoom Windows client was definitely an issue.

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